How to Create and Edit existing Master Page in SharePoint 2013

In SharePoint 2013 you can edit an existing Master Page to add Company Logo or to Hide Top Suite Links like SkyDrive,NewsFeed   etc.As in earlier SharePoint Versions, all Master Pages are added to Master Page Gallery but in SharePoint 2013 for each Master Page, three associated files are added.


To add your Changes in an Existing Master Page you can edit the .master file are re-upload it into the Master Page gallery.If you decide to edit an existing Master Page, it is recommended that you make a copy of your Master Page before modifying it.

Once you are done with the Changes to a copy, upload the new “Custom.master” in Master Page Gallery as ASP NET Master Page File.

See the detailed Steps that you need to follow to Create a Copy of an existing Master page and editing the Master Page with your desired Changes at How to Edit Existing Master Page to Change Logo, Hide Top Suite Links etc in SharePoint 2013

Also see Various ways to Change a Master Page for your SharePoint 2013 Site


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